Journal #1

As January comes to an end pretty soon (jeez, that went fast!), I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my resolutions, goals, aspirations, etc for the new year. I definitely feel like I’ve stay committed to some, but there are a few that have fallen by the waist side. Why does this become such a habit? Do we purposely set ourselves up for failure? Since it’s technically not even a month into the new year, I think I can turn this around. These just popped into my head.

Goal #1 – Health & Fitness

  • To me, exercising and eating right go hand in hand. Although they do say “abs are made in the kitchen”, I feel like (at least for me), that if I don’t get some sort of exercise, I’m going nowhere. Exercising-wise, I think I’ve got that covered. I’ve been doing 30-60 mins of exercise everyday. Gym, walking, jogging, dvds, whatever. And I feel good! I haven’t completing given up on the food front, but I for sure need to check myself. I’ve been slowly getting into the Keto diet, and while I’m pretty much following all the rules, I haven’t quite felt comfortable enough to write a post on it. Perhaps next month?

Goal #2 – More Reading

  • Success! Not counting my new Keto books, I’ve certainly been reading more. Even though I watched “Big Little Lies” on HBO, I just started the book. And boy is it good. I’m not sure if it’s because I watched the show first, but now I have a clear picture in my head when reading, which makes it even more fun to read. Hopefully I finish that up soon so I can do a review and comparison to the show.
  • Side note – I need to get myself a library card! I’m a new NC resident so there a few more things I need to do to solidify my move. Library card is one of them.

Goal #3 – Learn the guitar

  • I know, I know. How typical. But I really have no excuse because I bought myself a guitar MONTHS ago and still haven’t learned more than 2 chords. I’ve extremely impatient, so I’m having trouble with not getting it right the first time, haha. I truly want to learn though. I just love music. I used to play the violin (which I also want to pick up again), and I like to sing, so I feel like learning the guitar is the next step. Right?

Those 3 goals are the ones I want to focus on at the moment. I just want to feel better this new year; both physically and mentally. Which is also why I started blogging again. Like I’ve said before, I’m not new to this. But I don’t want to just give it up again. Even if nobody is reading this, I just want to have a place where I can be creative. Whether that’s with pictures, writing, cooking, etc. NOTE TO SELF – Keep going Sara. Finish what you started.


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