Friday’s Five

Since this blog is pretty new, I figured I’d get a jump ahead and start making a series. Which brings me to Friday’s Five. This is a popular concept in the blog world, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Here I’ll recap five things from the past week that I’ve enjoyed/like. I’m fond of this idea because it’s a quick and smooth transition into the weekend. And frankly, who doesn’t want that?

  1. Downton Abbey

Image result for downton abbey

YOU GUYS. I’m so so late to this ballgame, but I have binge-watching the crap out of this show. I’m currently on season 5 and just can’t get enough. It’s funny; I used to make fun of my older sister for watching this, but now I know what I’ve been missing! The twists and turns, the romance, the drama… ahhh, I just can’t. When I sit down to watch, I find it so hard to stop at just one episode. Honesty moment: last Saturday I stayed up WAY past my usual bedtime (which is usually like 10pm, even on a weekend) because I just couldn’t stop. I’m trying to slow down because I don’t want it to end; but it’s seriously hard.

2. Whiplash Soundtrack / Jazz music 

Image result for whiplashOne night I was randomly looking at my Amazon music account and stumbled upon the Whiplash soundtrack. I saw the movie right when it came out and LOVED it. I thought the acting was superb and the music wasn’t half bad either. A couple of years later, and I find myself really diggin’ this jazz stuff. So, I’ve been messing around with other jazz playlists and have been enjoying it. This week while I’ve been cooking/eating, I turned up the tunes and pretended I was in a jazz club.

3. Big Little Lies (the book)

Image result for big little lies bookI mentioned this earlier this week, but I started reading Big Little Lies. So far so good! I really enjoyed the show on HBO and I heard good reviews about the book (hello? why else would they turn it into a series?). It’s interesting while reading though. Simply because I’m picturing the cast in my head. But I actually think that’s helping me go through the book so quickly. Even though I know what happens, it’s definitely still a page turner. Side note – who’s ready for season 2? OPRAH?!

4. Roasted Brussels Sprouts 

LOL. So random. But so so good. Brussels Sprouts were never in the veggie rotation growing up, so I had no idea how good they can be. Living alone, now I find myself roasting up these suckers every other night. Drizzle some oil, salt & pep, and you’re good to go!

5. My new home 

I moved to NC only in November, so it hasn’t been that long. Now that the holidays are gone and the hustle and bustle are over with, I’m excited to be/get settled into my new apartment. Mostly everything is done except for some decor. But that’s always a work in progress. However, I’m still super stocked on the fact that I moved and I have such a nice place. Not huge, but still a nice space for me, myself, and I. Apt tour one day?!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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