Friday’s Five

Happy Friday friends! We made it through another week, and boy was it a long one. My family came to visit last weekend, so after all the hustle and bustle, this week slowed down for sure. As far as this weekend goes, there are no set plans. I do have some errands to run, but nothing too exciting. And sometimes, those are just the best weekends.

Before this weekend officially begins, let me share five favorite things from this past week!

1. Broad City – My lord, this show is funny! Because I finished Downton Abbey (ugh!), I need to start some new shows. This is completely different than that, plus only 30 min episodes, so it’ll be a breeze to go through. Sometimes it’s nice to watch a lighthearted show.

2. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – So far, this book is fantastic. I came across this book as a recommendation, and I can see why. Mark Manson’s approach is so realistic and spot on. The way he spells it out and puts it in simple terms; makes you think “Duh! Why haven’t I been doing this?”

3.  Peppermint Tea – I’ve been drinking at least 2 couples of this tea a day. Don’t get me wrong, coffee is still my number one, but if I drink anymore, I think my head might pop off. I enjoy this stuff hot and in a cozy mug. Because, why the hell not?

4. Petfinder – Well, you can guess what I’m doing on here! Haha. I’ve been thinking about getting a dog ever since I moved to NC and I check this website daily. I probably shouldn’t because it’s like torture, but heck. Some of the dogs are just too darn cute!

5. “Don’t Stop until You’re Proud” – I came across this quote randomly and immediately made it my phone background. If this doesn’t make you motivated, then I’m not sure what will.

I hope you all have a great weekend!



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