Weekend Wrap Up #2

How is it Monday already?! Yet again, the weekend flew by. Here’s a quick recap on how it went.

Friday – Once I was done with work, I quickly put on music and made dinner. It was a low-key night (like many Friday nights these days), and was in bed by 11. Anyone else into watching the Olympics? I really only enjoy watching figure skating. But I usually keep the rest on just for background noise.

Saturday – It was pretty crummy weather all weekend, and especially Saturday. So, it called for a good day of laundry and cleaning. Funny story; I went downstairs to my gym and there was young fella BLASTING “look at me now”. Haha. I didn’t mind it one bit! After that, I watched some episodes of Broad City and read a couple chapters of Big Little Lies.

Sunday – In the late morning, my sister and I went to Cove Church for the first time. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my faith and what it means to me. After doing some research, I discovered Cove and figured it was worth a shot. And I really enjoyed it! (So did my sister). Right from the start I was sucked in. The music was awesome and I liked how the pastor applied bible verses to everyday life. I’ll definitely be going back! Afterwards, my sister and I went to lunch at Jack’s Corner Tap (another new discovery). I had a buffalo chicken wrap that was delicious. Then I just did a quick food shop and chilled the rest of the day.

I don’t know if it’s because of going to church, but I just feel a sense of motivation that I didn’t have before. With that said, I’m putting it out there that this week I will be focused on my workouts, eating right, and sticking to my goals (less tv, more reading, perhaps devotionals?) , etc.

Happy Monday. Let’s have a great week!


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