New Year, new me?

Here we go, the basic new year post! But we have to get it out of the way right? I just wanted to jot down a few goals I have going into the new year.

  1. Facebook hiatus –  Although this is an extremely popular resolution, I am fully embracing this one for myself. I literally have 50 “friends” and do not post one single thing. And if I do, it’s only because I linked my Instagram to it. Instead of aimlessly scrolling and rolling my eyes, I’ve decided to just deactivate and not waste my time. I haven’t set a time frame, so there’s no expectations. But honestly, I don’t see myself itching to get back on.
  2. Move more – Get my butt up! Exercise 30 mins a day and take more walks. Plain and simple.
  3. Gluten & Dairy free – It’s no secret that I’ve tried this multiple times. Not only do I think this will help with weight-loss, but also my stomach issues. Not to give TMI, but I’ve dealt with IBS my whole life. Even though I suffer, I used to just eat what I want and pay for the repercussions. I’ve decided to really give it a real shot and pay attention to what I’m putting in my body.
  4.  Financial freedom – While I don’t think I’m drowning in my finances, I do believe I can do much more with what I have. I recently discovered Dave Ramsey and have been listening to his podcast nonstop. He can be a little harsh with delivery, but I think he has great ideas concerning money and living debt free. This year I would love to knock out some debt I have and really be mindful of money.
  5. Be happy – I’m not sad or miserable per say, but I definitely think there’s room for improvement. I need to start CHOOSING to be happy every day. Maybe not all day, but at some point each and every day.  Seems easy right?

It can be cheesy but I do believe in the power of starting fresh in the new year. Making lists, setting goals, creating a vision board; these things can help with a better mindset. But I also think it’s important not to set unrealistic expectations. You want to run that half marathon? Go for it! But don’t go outside and run full speed for 5 miles and kill yourself. If you’re a beginner, ease into it and do a little at a time. You will accomplish what you want. 

Cheers to 2019!


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