Friday’s Five

This week truly dragged for me. The days seem to be longer and the sun is out for less. I’m ready for Spring already! But thankfully it’s Friday and I also have a three day weekend ahead. The beauty of working for a bank 🙂 Today I wanted to quickly share five podcasts I’ve been listening to recently.

  1. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard – I honestly have a love/hate relationship with this podcast. I still like to tune in every week, but slowly I becoming annoyed with Dax and Monica. To me, it seems like Dax always discusses attractiveness with every single guest. And I’m just not feeling Monica. I do think once the hotness talk is over, Dax is a good interviewer though. So I’ll continue to check it out when I’m interested in who the guest is.
  2. The Cover to Cover Podcast with Chris Franjola – Chris is just so funny. He’s a comedian from New York (fellow Long Islander like myself) and he is a friend/frequent guest of Heather McDonald’s podcast. Chris talks about everything and anything, and I just enjoy his witty outlook on pop culture.
  3. The Dave Ramsey Show – This guy knows what he’s talking about. His no bullshit approach might put you off, but trust me, he delivers. Every day there are new episodes because they take segments from his daily talk show every morning. I highly suggest listening if you want to hear debt free success stories, struggles, and how not to feel like you’re drowning in your debt.
  4. The PHP – Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker – Perez has been around forever, first making waves with this blog. But he has since calmed down with the asshole-like behavior and reports on pop culture. I know Chris from the shows on VH1 and MTV back in the day, and he’s a funny guy. They are both so different, which provides a nice banter. This is a great one to listen to while in the car on your way to work. They essentially just talk about what happened/drama that occurred during that week.
  5. Watch What Crappens – If you watch Bravo, then you will love this one. These guys discuss every single show that’s on bravo, every day. With episode recaps and impressive/funny impressions, this one will have you laughing.

There ya have it! Just a few podcasts that are on my radar currently. I saved a couple episodes to listen to tomorrow am, because I have a 4 hour journey ahead. I’m heading to Wilmington, NC for the weekend! It’ll be a low-key one, hanging around mom’s house mostly, but I’m sure we’ll be venturing Downtown and having some fun there.

I hope you all have a great weekend!



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