New Balance Workout Wear

Don’t we ladies love a good pair of leggings? And I’m talking about the real deal, no see-through kind.

Needless to say that I live in workout clothes. I like to be active/workout everyday and the fact that I work from home is also an easy excuse. Lately I have been going through my closet and getting rid of the really old and really crappy workout stuff. You know what I’m talking about too; the shirts with the sweat stains, the leggings that are stretched out, etc. And now that I cleaned it out, I decided to check out my favorite website and grab a few things.

I’m not sure when New Balance totally re-branded but boy have they come a long way from those white sneakers. I have a few pairs of their sneakers which I love. The other day I purchased a couple items from Joe’s New Balance Outlet, an online retail spot that sells clothes and sneakers on major discount. They have daily deals (hard to resistant) and the clearance section is always on point.

NB Dry Tanks – Reversible, Relaxed Fit – I picked up these three tanks for less than $10 each and I’m so glad I did. I definitely could of sized down though. But I’ll still wear these a ton and just knot them. They are reversible so you could wear the v-neck in the front or back.

NB Dry Sports Bra – I’ve been in desperate need for new sports bras so I was happy to grab these when I saw them. They are medium impact so perfect for my at-home workouts.

NB Dry Mid Rise Speed Crop / Mid Rise Impact Capri – These leggings will suck you right in! I got these leggings because the length appealed to me. I have such short legs, so I’m always on the hunt for capri/crop length. These also have reflective strips on the bottom which is a nice touch for running in the morning or at night.

If you’re in the market for some new workout gear I would highly suggest checking out Joe’s New Balance Outlet and browsing the site for some deals.

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  1. New balance is a classic 🌸❤ thank you for suggestions can u link the items so it will be easy to purchase
    And please also read my blog at


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