My Go-To Summer Outfit

The Carolina heat is upon us! Being that it’s officially summer, it was time to go through my closet and do a little refresh. While I do have another post coming up about my summer basics, I decided to share an outfit that will most definitely be on repeat.

Full disclosure here; I hate shorts. I’m just not a shorts person and never have been. And while in NY you could get away with a whole summer not wearing them, NC is completely different. The humid heat is next level down here. So with complete luck, I’ve found the perfect summer shorts. These pull-on shorts are the true hero of the summer. They are so comfortable but also look stylish. You can easily dress these up or down too!

The key to wearing these loose-fitting shorts is to wear them with a form fitting shirt. When you have loose on bottom, you should do “tight” on top. And lately I’ve been loving these high neck tanks. They are a great staple to have in your closet, and another option to dress up and down.

These shorts are from Target and I was able to snag them when they were on sale for $15 bucks. (Tip: Size down with these. They will stretch and loosen throughout wearing). I got the olive and black colors because I tend to stick with those neutral colors to begin with. And because these colors are so neutral, you can make countless outfits using different tanks/colors on top. Which side note; is perfect when you’re on vaca and looking to pack less!

I also picked up these tanks from Target and I wish I grabbed more! These were $8 each and a complete steal in my opinion. Tucking these into the shorts gives you some shape and really accentuates the waist. And not only do these tanks work with these shorts, but you can wear them with some jeans and wedges for a date night.

My wardrobe goal going forward is to stick with basics and create a capsule. Having these core pieces in your closet makes choosing an outfit less daunting and definitely less stressful. Now is the perfect time to go through those drawers and really decide if it’s worth keeping. Stay tuned for that post!

Links: Pull-On Shorts | Slim Fit Tank Top 

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