Pump House | Rock Hill, SC

Over the weekend David and I had ourselves a lunch date at Pump House in Rock Hill, SC. I heard about this place from my sister, who recently went there for her wedding anniversary. Because we are slowly coming out of pandemic mode, restaurants are (thankfully) starting to open up. And honestly, it was niceContinue reading “Pump House | Rock Hill, SC”

Keto Goodies Review

As mentioned before, I’ve been dipping my toe in the Keto pool lately. While doing some research, I came across this subscription box, Keto Goodies. They deliver freshly baked Keto “goodies” once a month. Basically, an online bakery. Sounds heavenly right? Well I decided to order a box (aside from monthly, you have the optionContinue reading “Keto Goodies Review”

Julian Bakery Unboxing

Today I have something exciting to share! I recently got my package from Julian Bakery with some goodies that I wanted to share with you guys. This is my first time ordering from Julian Bakery, but after seeing reviews from other Keto/Paleo pals, I decided it was worth a try!